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As the appointed agent for easyJet, Skytrail hold the authority to use easyJet’s extensive route network to source capacity for Tour Operators and Cruise Companies throughout Europe.
Of course if you’re looking to secure an easyJet solution to meet your programme requirements, you may have a few questions.
To help, below are some of the most common FAQs we receive when taking an easyJet committed allocation of seats:-

1. “Are allocations 100% committed or can we release seats back?”

Allocations are 100% committed and cannot be released back.

2. “What is included in the seat rate?”

The seat rate includes all passenger taxes and 1 hold bag (of 23kg or less) per passenger.  A cabin bag per passenger is also included (of 10kgs dimensions 56cm x 45cm x 25cm).

3. “When / how do we submit names?”

A manifest can be submitted to Skytrail through a dedicated system built for easyJet allocations. Names can be loaded once easyJet release the seats, which is usually five months prior to departure.

We can accept names as late as 48 hours prior to departure however. Log in details and further information are provided to you once the allocation is fixed. Additionally, Skytrail provide an interactive training session to ensure the process for uploading names is clear and runs smoothly.

4. “Can we change the names submitted?”

Yes, name changes are permitted.

5. “Can passengers check-in on line?”

Yes. All passengers must check-in online. Check in is open -30 days prior to departure.

6. “Can we book extra legroom seats, seating together, extra bags and sporting equipment?”

Yes, these can be booked once check in is open (-30 days prior to departure) and once API (Advance Passenger Information) has been submitted.

If passengers wish to pre-book any extras before check in opens, they can do so by contacting the easyJet customer service team.

7. ”Can passengers use the easyJet app?”

Yes. Passengers can download the easyJet app and add their flight under the “My Flight” section. All they need is the Passenger Name Record (PNR) from easyJet and the lead passenger surname.

8. “Can passengers download their boarding pass using the easyJet app?”

Yes. Boarding passes can be downloaded from the easyJet app.

9. “How do passengers add passport information?”

Passengers can add their passport details online.

10. “If passengers are easyJet plus card holders, can they use their benefits?”

Yes, passengers are able to use their plus card holder benefits.

11. “How do we arrange wheelchair assistance?”

Assistance can be arranged by adding the correct special service request (SSR) to the manifest upon upload to Skytrail. Skytrail will provide detail of what SSR’s are accepted by easyJet. If a passenger wishes to take their own wheelchair, the passenger must speak to the easyJet special assistance team direct to make the necessary arrangements.

12. “My passenger has a nut allergy, how do we notify easyJet of this?”

If your passenger has a nut allergy or is travelling with any medical equipment that requires clearance, the passenger MUST call the easyJet customer service team to discuss directly. 

Further information can be found on the easyJet website.

Hopefully the above will have addressed any pressing questions you may have, however if you have any additional queries regarding our easyJet seat allocation service, please do contact us.

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