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Have you ever considered holding important meetings mid-flight? If you’re short on time, want to increase productivity, or want to make a memorable impression, arranging an in-flight business meeting aboard a private jet may solve several challenges.

What Are the Benefits of In-Flight Business Meetings?

Private jets are a great tool for productivity. Not only can you save time on the ground, but you can use your time in the air to conduct business; increasing efficiency.

As more private jets become WiFi enabled, you can make the most of the quiet hours aboard to keep up to date with email, hold video conferences or even have a real face-to-face meeting. In-flight meetings present a fantastic opportunity to either prepare for meetings on the ground – or, for extra special occasions, to impress your clients with some pre-pitch attention.

So, what do you need to know when arranging in-flight meetings? We explore three tips to consider.

Tip 1. Minimise distraction 

With an in-flight meeting, you only have a finite amount of time - and if the winds are in your favour, your time aboard may be even shorter than you realise. So, it’s wise to plan your agenda ahead of the flight to minimise and prevent distraction.

If you are travelling with people who are unaccustomed to flying privately, the mere fact you are in the air may be a distraction. Make a plan of key points and use these to stay on track. This agenda should include time for people to settle into the flight where possible, and leave time at the end for everyone to decompress and prepare for landing.

Ahead of your flight, talk to your broker to make sure you are using a jet with a suitable seating configuration for the number of guests you will be inviting to your in-flight meeting, and organise seating to minimise distractions.

Tip 2. Plan for the unexpected

Sadly, turbulence affects all forms of flying, and the last thing you want is for your paperwork and devices to fall off the table in the middle of an important point. Make sure the items you need for your meeting are secure and ask your broker what weather to expect on route to prepare. It is also worth discussing the meeting ahead of time with any clients or guests so that you can ensure you meet any in-flight requirements or expectations they have.

For very time critical meetings it may also be wise to make a contingency plan in case your flight must be delayed (in the case of poor weather for example).

Tip 3. Allow time to enjoy the flight

While it is good to make the most of your time in the air, it is also important to make sure your guests enjoy themselves, and arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and relaxed. Allow breaks for passengers to enjoy the on-board service. This will also help to minimise distraction for those to whom flying privately is a novelty.

In-Flight Meetings For Efficient, Effective, Impactful Working

Clearly, choosing to charter a private jet for in-flight meetings presents multiple benefits and efficiencies.

Should you wish to arrange an in-flight meeting aboard a private jet, be sure to discuss it thoroughly with your broker. The right broker will ensure all requirements are met, and that you and your guests are prepared for a productive and memorable flight!

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