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When you need a bespoke, personal flight service and want to avoid the complications and schedules of commercial services, a private jet charter is often the answer.

When chartering a private jet, it’s important to consider the right things to ensure a positive experience. But as there’s no universal definition of what a private jet charter should consist of, finding the right jet for your requirement can be complex.

To ensure you find the right service, below are 7 considerations to make when arranging private jet travel.

7 Considerations When Chartering A Private Jet

1. What type of jet do you need?

While it’s common to consider a ‘private jet’ as a small, light jet, in fact, private aircraft can come in a wide range of categories and types. Depending on your travel purpose, distance, passenger numbers, luggage requirements and more, you may need anything from a small or medium jet, up to larger aircraft, such as a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.

Comfort may also play a deciding part in the size of the aircraft you need - on smaller jets, cabin size (and facilities) can be more confined, so a larger aircraft may be preferable for longer flight durations. For example, do you want to choose a jet with a 4”11 cabin for a long duration if you’re 6” tall?

 2 . Who are you bringing onboard?

The number of passengers you need to bring of course impacts the size of the aircraft you need. But beyond this, function and space requirements during the flight are also important - do you want to keep some seats free to prevent the flight from becoming cramped? Do you need additional space on board for purposes such as a business meeting? Do you need additional space to sleep if the flight is long-haul?

The nature of your passengers may also be a consideration. For example, if you are travelling with a VIP, do you need to make additional security preparations? Does that person have any entourage, personal staff or guests who must travel with them? Are you travelling with children, and if so, what space and facilities do you need to keep them entertained and comfortable?

 3. What luggage are you travelling with?

A distinct advantage of private jet travel is the peace of mind and flexibility to transport a range of personal items and speciality luggage with you. However, it’s still important to consider what luggage will be carried ahead of the flight, as the more luggage (and passengers) you have on board, the shorter your flight range becomes. While refuelling stops are of course an option, this may be inconvenient if you’re hoping for a direct route. Equally, if you need to transport larger items, or items such as skis and prams or strollers, it is wise to consider how they will fit aboard the aircraft.

 4. Are you travelling with pets?

The flexibility of private air charter also allows you to transport or travel with your pets in the cabin, reducing the stress of air travel for them. It is important to always ensure you have the correct vaccinations, documentation and permissions for any journey with pets - even if the pet is travelling unaccompanied. It is also wise to consider any specific onboard travel considerations you need to make, depending on the nature of your pet.

 5. Where are you going?

There are often smaller, closer airports to your destination that you will only be able to use if you’re flying privately. If you need to travel to a more remote destination or simply want to avoid the hassle of busier, well-known destinations, a private charter can provides this.

Be sure to discuss your options regarding your destination ahead of time, in order to find the best location for your requirement.

 6. Do you need WiFi?

WiFi availability may be something you need to check or specify, as not all operators or planes have WiFi. If you would like or need WiFi onboard, be sure to specify this ahead of time.

 7. How should you source your jet and plan your itinerary?

There is often more to consider with private jet travel than you may anticipate. With so many choices to make, schedules to keep and aspects such as tax laws, and aviation regulations to adhere to, it’s wise (and often the simplest option) to make arrangements with an experienced charter airline directly.

With a trusted, reputable company planning your itinerary, it’s easy to simply specify your requirements and have them advise on the best solutions. This way, you can access an experienced professional’s industry relationships and knowledge on the aircraft and best airport destinations, can avoid extra/unexpected fees (as these are often anticipated and accounted for), can benefit from extras such as red carpets, cars or tarmac access and will have access to a service that in many cases will go above and beyond what you may have originally planned.

 Can Your Current Private Jet Service Provide What You Need?

If you’re new to private jet travel, or simply looking for the best solution for your needs, it’s important to ensure you have the best match in your provider and are confident that they can manage and respond appropriately to your travel requirements.

This service should extend beyond simply providing the right jet. You want to know that you’re in the hands of a broker who can advise on any aspect of your trip, react quickly to itinerary amends or other requests, and who has the experience to anticipate what’s required at every stage.

Already have a destination in mind? To find out more about private jet chartering, visit our services page. 

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