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Skytrail are now the authorised appointed agent for easyJet committed series seat sales to tour operators and cruise companies across Europe.

What is an easyJet Appointed Agent?

As easyJet look to expand the business they conduct with 3rd party tour operators and cruise companies across Europe, they have selected Skytrail as their appointed agent.

As easyJet appointed agents, this appointment provides Skytrail with the authority to use easyJet’s extensive route network to source the capacity that customers need and provide the right easyJet solution to match their programme requirements.

“easyJet is looking to expand the work it does with 3rd party tour operators across Europe. As part of this growth plan, we have appointed Skytrail as Broker who are authorised by easyJet to discuss all matters arising from allotments (Series Seat sales) on our behalf.”

- easyJet’s Head of Leisure and Media, Mandy Round

What Does This Mean For You?

For tour operators and cruise companies looking for a regular easyJet seat allocation service, this is important news.

Through Skytrail you can now:

  • Gain allocation on the easyJet route you need

  • Be confident in Skytail as a trusted appointed agent

  • Easily locate the easyJet seat allocation service that meets your requirement

  • Secure easyJet allocation from 10 seats a week and upward, across a season

To learn more, or to enquire about securing an easyJet solution to suit your requirements, you can read more about our easyJet Seat Allocation service here.
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